Lancome Wholesale

Lancome Wholesale Price Range USD $2.29 – $8.97:
Quantity of:
1-10: $6.23 – $8.97
11-20: $6.22 – $2.29

Lancome Shipping Fees:
Free with orders of $200 or more.
Orders under $200 require minimum fees of $20 per package order.

Lancome Samples Availability:
With orders greater than $200 they are offering samples of one per order.

Lancome Wholesale Supplier Information:
This Lancome wholesale company has been in business with their parent company for just over 2 years. With 10 satellite distributors within the United States and Canada they’ve grown heavily in sales with just over 10 million gross sales. They are on track to open 4 distributors in Europe and another 10 in disclosed Asian countries. gives this Lancome Supplier 8 out of 10 stars