Ann Taylor Wholesale

About Ann Taylor Wholesalers Company:
This company has been dealing with the wholesale side of Ann Taylor distributing for over 4 years and has become the top 10 companies of exclusivity.

They’ve been selling and distributing wholesale product lines for North American clothing companies since the early 1990’s and now have gone globally. The levels of distributing have grown from american fashions to electronics and furniture. Both are sold at wholesale as well. Ann Taylor fashions has been it’s primary focus since 2006.

Wholesale Prices:
Minimum order of $150.00
Shipping costs vary depending on product evaluations

Wholesale Free Samples:
Some free samples are available upon request.

Newest Ann Taylor items now available:

Loft Tank Top Shirt

White Dress Shirt

Lace Round Neck Blouse

Moody Jaguar Print Oyster Twist Neck Shirt gives this wholesale company 8 out of 10