Fendi Wholesale

About Fendi Wholesale Company:
This Fendi wholesale company has always constantly strived to sell great Fendi products that are safe for your business, your bottom line and your purse!  And not to mention they’re cheap too!

Their wholesale Fendi products are of superb quality and cheap and are created from the source itself. They follow strict guidelines from groups in the US and the European Union when choosing the right products to ensure that they avoid any dead product that would otherwise be sitting in your store room.

Their Fendi Spy Bags are of superb quality.  Everyone in your company will be happy to sell the products to make sure that they meet their  high standards.

And not to toot their own horn, but they do find that their products work best when used with other high end fashions.

They’re also incredibly proud of the heritage and love telling people that their products are manufactured and packaged in Canada.  Making them a locally owned company, helping to employ Canadians and producing Canadian made products.

Fendi Free Samples Availability:
Some free samples available with quotes on $200 or more.

Fendi Shipping Fees:
Shipping is free depending on order amount.

Wholesale Prices:
Minimum order of $2,500
Lowest wholesale cost $123.2

Fendi Wholesale

www.wwwholesaler.info gives this wholesale company 8 out of 10

Fendi Wholesale Spy Bag