Juicy Couture Wholesale

About Juicy Couture Wholesale Company:
This company acquired exclusive products with wholesale prices from Juicy Couture in 2001. Little has been known why they have not gotten greater exposure since items purchased through this company are received at a much lower price than what even the Juicy Couture company sells their products for. 2009 is estimated as being a break through year and helping to reach a greater customer base with the help of increased marketing strategies.

Location Of Juicy Couture Wholesale Company:
Phen Phing, China. Contact through email/website/ or telephone.

Wholesale Prices:
Minimum order of $2500
Popular-Lowest wholesale cost per Juicy Couture handbag is $45.99
Wholesale cost on Juicy Couture jewelry $13.99 – 298.99
Other Juicy Couture items available.

Wholesale Company Feedback:
This company has had little known customer history. Try at own risk.

Juicy Couture Wholesale

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